The TS_FOLDERITEMS table identifies the contents of all folders. Each record identifies one item of one folder by associating three TS_IDs: the folder's ID, the table ID of the item stored in the folder, and the TS_ID of the item. A folder has one entry in the TS_FOLDERITEMS table for each primary item, auxiliary item, and report it contains, and one entry in the TS_URLSTORE table for each URL it contains. Though it is possible to supply the table ID of a system table other than TS_REPORTS, folder items created this way are not supported and will yield undefined behavior when accessed by a user.




  • FolderId: (long integer) – TS_ID of the folder.

  • TableId: (long integer) – Table ID of the item stored in this folder.

  • RecId: (long integer) – TS_ID of the item stored in this folder.

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