Ext.SetCompatibilityVersion( majorVersion, minorVersion )


If you want to update your scripts to be compatible with the extended date format used by SBM version 7.0 or later, call this function at the beginning of your script with at least a major version number of 7 and a minor version number of 0. Otherwise, for backward compatibility, the Date/Time type will continue to use an integer representing the number of seconds since the start of Jan 1, 1970 (GMT).

Important: If you set the compatibility version to 7.0 or higher, SBM AppScript returns dates as a standard VBScript Date object (which holds the number of days since Dec 30, 1899), or a string in ISO 8601 format.



This is the major version number for the version of SBM with which you want the script to be compatible.


Optional; 0 by default. This is the minor version number for the version of SBM with which you want your script to be compatible.


Do not use a version number containing a period as an argument (for example, (6.1)). SBM AppScript interprets a single argument as a major version number with a default minor version of 0, throwing away the period and everything after it.

Return Values

True for success; False otherwise.

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