Ext.CreateVarRecord( tableId )


This function is similar to Ext.CreateAppRecord( tableId [, recType] ), except the objects returned are of the subtype VarRecord, and thus may only be used on tables that hold variable field objects. When called on a Primary table, the new object is a ProjectBasedRecord (or Incident) internally, though only its VarRecord functionality will be available. When called on an Auxiliary table, a generic VarRecord is created, supporting all functionality for an Auxiliary table item. It is a runtime error to call this function on a table that is not Primary or Auxiliary. Objects created with this function do not support access to system table fields. All variable fields can be read and written by name.



Use this argument to create a new VarRecord object of a subclass appropriate for the database table given by the number tableId.

Return Values

The newly-created VarRecord object containing a field list with all variable fields defined for the given table. The fields are created empty and can be written to individually or populated for a specific item using the Read() method.

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