Ext.AppendTextFile( fileName, contents )


Writes the string contents to the file referred to by string fileName, appending to the file's previous contents. The file is opened, written, and closed; if it doesn't exist, it is created first. Concurrent scripts cannot access the file for reading or writing until this write operation finishes. To overwrite a file's contents rather than appending them, refer to Ext.WriteTextFile( fileName, contents ).

Important: This function converts all text data to UTF-8 before writing the data to the file.


fileName, contents

Use the fileName argument to provide a fully qualified network path and file name. fileName can be any valid file path, including a path to a remote machine.

Note: This function may fail due to permissions settings. Verify that accounts that will execute the script have permissions to access attachments on the machine containing the file.

Return Values

Returns the string parameter "contents".

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