Web Page Widget

This topic describes how to configure the Web Page widget.

Note: Do not use this widget for SBM report URLs. Use the Embedded Report Widget instead.

General Tab

Field Description
Control name Type the name by which the widget is uniquely identified. No other widget or control on this form can have the same name.
Caption Type the text to appear in the title bar above the widget.

If you leave this field blank, the widget will not have a title bar.

URL Type the address of the Web page you want to display. Alternately, you can use the string builder tool to insert references to table fields and form controls. (For information about this tool, see Using the String Builder Tool.)

When the form is displayed, the widget is replaced with the content from that URL (along with a caption, a border, and scroll bars, if you enable those options.)

Options Border: Select this check box to draw a thin line around the widget.

Scroll bars: Select this check box to include scroll bars in the widget. This provides more content than the allotted space.

Use SSO Authentication: Select this check box to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for SSO-enabled URLs.

Description Type an optional description for the widget.

Refresh Tab

See Widget Refresh Tab.