Using Form Extensions

Form extensions are packages that contain custom form actions, custom widgets, and assets, such as JavaScripts, images, and .css and .html files. Form extensions are available from Community website.

You can add form extensions to an application, then use any of its elements on custom forms.

To import a form extension:

  1. Download the extension from Community website.
  2. In SBM Composer, select Extensions from the App Explorer, and then right-click Form Extensions.
  3. Select Add New Form Extension.
  4. Click Add to Library. This ensures the extension is available for other process apps.
  5. Navigate to file you downloaded, then click Open.
  6. Review the documentation provided on the editor to learn about the extension's capabilities.
    Note: You will receive a warning if the extension you are adding was developed in a later version of SBM Composer than you are using. You can continue to add the extension, but certain features may not be available.
  7. Click Add to add the extension to your process app.

You can also add form extensions directly to your local library:

My Documents\SBM Composer\Library\Extensions

This ensures extensions are available for every process app.