Using Conditional Routing

You can add decisions to an application workflow or sub-workflow, and then modify its properties and rename or delete the decision.

To add a decision:

  1. From the Workflow Palette, drag the Decision item to the workflow editor.
  2. Type a name for the decision, and press the Enter key.
  3. To reposition the decision, drag it to a new location in the editor.
Note: You can also double-click the decision in the Workflow Palette to add the decision to the workflow. The decision is added to the right of a selected state, on the right side of a selected transition, or to the center of the workflow editor if no state or transition is selected.

To modify a decision's properties:

  1. Select the decision in the workflow editor.
  2. Modify its properties using the tabs of the step Property Editor, which are described in Conditional Routing Settings.

To rename a decision:

To delete a decision:

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