Upgrading a Snapshot

Snapshots created in an earlier version of SBM Composer might need to be upgraded when a new version is installed. If you attempt to load or promote a snapshot created in an earlier version of SBM into Application Repository, you receive a warning that the snapshot needs to be upgraded.

Important: After you upgrade a snapshot, you cannot edit the process app that includes it in an earlier version of SBM Composer.

To upgrade a snapshot:

  1. Select File | Import and Export | Upgrade Snapshot. The Upgrade Process App Snapshot dialog box opens.
  2. Select the snapshot file (either an .mss or a .zip file) and then click Open.
After the snapshot is upgraded and saved to a file, the upgraded snapshot file must be loaded into Application Repository (using the Load from File command) and then promoted from Application Repository into the SBM Application Engine Web Server (using the Promote command).