PDF Widget

This topic describes PDF widget options. For details on using the widget, refer to Using the PDF Widget.

General Tab

Field Description
Name Type the name by which the widget is uniquely identified. No other widget or control on this form can have the same name.
Caption Type the text to appear in the title bar above the widget.

If you leave this field blank, the widget will not have a title bar.

Template Browse to a PDF template that contains interactive form fields that will be filled in when the application runs.
Important: You are asked to select another PDF template if you select a PDF template that does not allow interactive form fields to be filled in or that requires a password or certificate to open.
Display in Form: Select this option if you want the PDF document to be displayed within the form.

New Window: Select this option if you want the PDF document to be displayed in a new window.

Options Border: Select this check box to draw a thin line around the widget.

Scroll bars: Select this check box to include scroll bars in the widget. This provides more content than the allotted space.

Description Type an optional description of the widget.

Parameters Tab

The Parameters tab contains the input fields that are in the PDF document you imported. You map table fields and form controls into the fields on this tab.

For example, suppose you have an Item Type field on a Submit form. In the PDF document, you also have an Item Type input field. In this field on the Parameters tab, type { and then select Item Type. When a user selects a value for the Item Type field, the field in the PDF document is populated with the same value.
Important: The mapping of table fields and controls is preserved when you reimport a PDF document that was used as a template. For example, mapping is not affected if you change the type of a field in the PDF document, as long as the new field type contains inputs with the same names as the associated field in the SBM form. For example, you can change a Combo Box control to a List Box control, as long as the values that users can select are the same as the values configured for the associated field in SBM Composer.
  • Required PDF input fields are displayed on this tab with a red asterisk (*).
  • For information about mapping fields and controls, see Using the String Builder Tool.
  • You can type default values for fields on the form instead of mapping.

Refresh Tab

Use the Refresh tab to update values that refer to external data, such as field values. If the widget does not refer to any external data, the Refresh tab options are disabled.

Field Description
Refresh contents On page load: If this check box is selected, the content of the widget is retrieved when the form is initially displayed at runtime or in the form preview.
Note: This check box is selected by default.

On data change: If this check box is selected, the content of the widget is updated when fields that map to values on the Parameters tab are changed at runtime or in the form preview.

On click: In the drop-down list box, select one of the buttons, images, or hyperlinks that are on this form. The content of the widget is updated when the control is clicked at runtime or in the form preview.