Working Offline or Connected

You can use SBM Composer without a network connection or without being connected to a repository.

To check design elements in or out, open process apps in the repository, or publish and deploy process apps, however, you must be connected to a repository.

Use the control near the bottom right corner of the SBM Composer window to toggle the connection to the configured repository. Your connection status shows you as either Offline or Connected to ServerName (ServerType).

Before you check process apps into the repository, they are stored in the local cache. This special area on the file system of your computer stores design elements while you work on them. Initially, SBM Composer creates the Local Cache in the AppData directory allocated by Windows for the Windows login ID that was in effect when you installed SBM Composer. You can specify a different location as needed.

If you switch to working offline while a process app is open, SBM Composer gives you the opportunity to download any design elements that are not yet saved to the Local Cache.

To configure your repository connection or modify your local cache location, select Composer Options from the File menu, and then select the Repository tab. For details, refer to Repository Options.