Using External Forms

An external form is based on a primary table that is not in the current application. It can be a table in another application in the current process app, or in a table in a referenced application (except for system auxiliary tables in the Global Application).

External forms are used to deploy forms separately from the process apps in which they are used. This enables you to more quickly test form changes.

To use external forms, create a separate process app that contains only external forms related to a table in an existing application. This "forms" process app can be deployed without redeploying the process app that defines the workflow. You can then use SBM Application Administrator to associate the forms with applicable states and transitions in the workflow.

To enable external forms, select the Show external tables in Form Configuration dialog option on the Form Options tab in SBM Composer Options. After you do this, you can create the form as described in Creating Custom Forms and Form Configuration Dialog Box.

Tip: In App Explorer and in the forms list, a different icon is displayed for forms based on external tables.