Embedded Report Configuration Dialog Box

This dialog box opens when you click Configure Report on the General tab of the Property Editor for the Embedded Report Widget and the Relational Grid Widget (when you select the Reference Link report type). You must define or create the report before you can complete this dialog box.

The following describes the configuration settings for a new embedded report.

For details on using the widget, refer to Using the Embedded Report Widget.

Element Description
Report type Select one of the following options:
  • Composer report definition

    Embed an application report against a primary or auxiliary table.

  • Reference Link

    Embed a report created in SBM Work Center.

  • Relational grid

    Embed an application report of related items based on a relational field. This option applies only to the Embedded Report widget.

Application, Report (Composer report definition option) Select the application in which the report was defined and the report definition. The application and report can be in this process app or a referenced application in another process app.
Relational field, Report (Relational grid option) Select the relational field you want to report against and the report definition. The relational field can be mapped to a primary or auxiliary table in this application or to a table in a referenced application in another process app. The report definition must be based on this table. For example, if in Process App A you want to display a list of relational field values for Auxiliary Table A located in Process App B:
  1. Open Process App B.
  2. Select Auxiliary Table A in the Data Design area of the App Explorer.
  3. Right-click, and then select Create Report Definition for this table.
  4. Create the report definition.
  5. Close Process App B, and open Process App A.
  6. Create a reference to Process App B. (For steps, refer to Defining a Reference.)
  7. Add a Single Relational or Multi-Relational field based on Auxiliary Table A.
  8. Configure the embedded report widget in Process App A to use the report created in Process App B.
Report address (Reference Link option for the Embedded Reports widget)

Copy the report URL from SBM Work Center and then paste it into this box. After you close the dialog box, the Report name field on the General tab of the widget Property Editor is populated with the report name that you specified in SBM Work Center.

An example URL is:
Important: After you save a report in SBM Work Center, you can obtain a special URL that contains the report reference name. The report reference name must be used if you want the embedded report to work after the process app containing the report is promoted to another environment. For more information, see Using the Embedded Report Widget.
Relational field, Report URL (Reference Link option for the Relational Grid widget) Select the relational field you want to report against and the report URL. For details on the report URL, see the description for the Report address (above).
Inputs Shows the input parameters for the report. Change parameters on the Query tab of the widget Property Editor.
Automatically bind compatible parameters Select this option if you want fields that are configured as "query-at-runtime" to be automatically bound on the Query tab of the widget Property Editor when you complete this configuration dialog box.