Creating Event Client using Apache Axis2

This topic gives an example of using Apache Axis2 to create your services. Apache Axis2 is an enterprise-ready Web service engine that is very user-friendly and provides Web service interactions with a dynamic and flexible execution framework. For more information, refer to

To create a client for raising events using Doc/Lit binding:

  1. Create a new application-specific WSDL file.
    1. Make a copy of the ExampleEventDefinitionALFEventManagerDocLit.wsdl file. This will become your application-specific .wsdl file.
    2. Copy both <xsd:schema> elements from your application-specific event definition .wsdl file and paste the schema into this new .wsdl file where the following comment is:
      <!-- Paste schema from your event definition wsdl here -->

      In other words, open the custom event definition file that you created in Creating a Custom Event Definition and copy the schema elements into this file. When finished, the .wsdl file created from ExampleEventDefinitionALFEventManagerDocLit.wsdl will contain three schema elements.

    3. Replace all occurrences of MyEventDefinition with your product value.
    Your application-specific .wsdl file is ready for consumption by your application.
  2. If you are using Axis2 to raise external events, modify the batch file GenerateStubClassesFromAxis2.bat and change the name of the .wsdl file. Remember to set the Axis2 home.
  3. Once the classes are generated, you can use the stub class to raise events.
  4. The URL for this endpoint should in the form http://<server>:<port>/eventmanager/services/ALFEventManagerDocLit.

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