Creating an Empty Orchestration Workflow For the While Step


You performed the steps in Practicing with the ForEach Step.

In this exercise, you create an empty synchronous orchestration workflow with reply. In the next section, you add a While step and then configure it.

To create an empty orchestration workflow for the While step:

  1. In App Explorer, under StepPaletteApp, under Application Workflows, select StepPaletteAppWF.
  2. In the application workflow editor, right-click the While transition, and select Show Actions.
  3. On the Actions tab of the Property Editor, click New.

    The Action Wizard asks, "Which type of action do you want to execute?"

    Under Step 1, Orchestration Workflow should be selected.

  4. In the Step 2 box, click the and continue executing (asynchronous) link, select and wait for reply (synchronous) on the menu, and then click Next.

    The Action Wizard asks, "When do you want to call the orchestration workflow?"

  5. In the Step 1 box, select After, do not change anything in the Step 2 box, and then click Next.

    The Action Wizard asks, "Which orchestration workflow do you want to call?"

  6. On the menu under Step 1, select (Add new workflow...).
  7. In the Event With Reply dialog box that opens:
    1. Change the Name to WhileOrchWFWR.
    2. On the Orchestration menu, select StepPaletteOrch.
    3. In the Workflow box, change the name to WhileOrchWF.
    4. In the Fields used by event column, select the Title check box.
    5. In the Fields returned by event column, select the Title check box.
    6. Click OK.
  8. In the Action Wizard, click Finish.