Changing Swimlane Styles

There is a default swimlane style in the styles editor. To view the style settings, click the Styles heading in App Explorer, and then select Swimlane Style. You can modify the default style in the styles editor, and add additional styles. For more information, see Customizing Styles.

The styles in the styles editor are included as items in the Style area on the Appearance tab of the Ribbon. When you select a style, its settings are applied to all swimlanes in the workflow.

Important: When you add a new swimlane, the background color and line settings you specified in the style editor are overridden. To apply these settings to new swimlanes, select the swimlane, and then select the desired style on the Style area on the Appearance tab.

The styles you modify or create in the styles editor initially affect all swimlanes in a workflow. You change the style of one or more swimlanes in a workflow while maintaining the default style for the other swimlanes.

To change the default style of a swimlane:

  1. Click the swimlane label to select it.
  2. Click the Appearance tab in the Ribbon.
  3. To change the swimlane border, in the Line area of the Ribbon, select a style and width.
  4. To change the text formatting in the swimlane label, in the Font area of the Ribbon, select the options you want to change.
  5. If you want add or change the image displayed in the background of the image, do the following in the Background area of the Ribbon:
    1. Select or add a new image.
    2. Specify whether you want the image to repeat vertically, horizontally, or both.
    Note: If you want to remove an image, select (No image).
  6. To change the alignment of the label text, select an icon in the Alignment area of the Ribbon.

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