Application Configuration Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to provide the required configuration information for a new application.

Element Description
Application: Application name The name you entered in the New Application dialog box.
Application: Internal name The uppercase name under which the application is stored in the database.
Application: Tab name The label (up to 16 characters) that appears to users. The name on this label must be unique.
Table: Table name The name for the primary table (such as Issues).
Tip: The name that you type in this field automatically populates the Database table name field, which must be unique within the SBM database and is limited to 24 Unicode characters. You should limit the logical name to 24 characters, as additional characters will be left off of the Database table name.
Table: Singular item name The name of a single item in the table (such as Issue).
Note: This field is automatically filled as you type the Table name, so you probably need to edit this field to use it as intended.
Table: Database table name The uppercase name of the table in the database. This name must be unique. SBM Composer automatically fills this field as you type the Table name, ignoring characters after the first 24.
Note: The database name can contain only ASCII alphanumeric characters (A–Z, a–z, 0–9). Any other characters are ignored as you type them.