Step 3: Define Fields


You completed the steps in Step 2: Add States and Transitions.

In this exercise, you define the fields in the MyApp primary table. You add selection values to the existing Item Type field, and add a new custom field to your table. The custom field tracks whether the item was submitted by a customer or not.

To define fields in MyApp primary table:

  1. In App Explorer, select Data Design. The MyApp table is displayed in the table editor. If not, select the MyApp node.
  2. Add selection values to the Item Type field:
    1. In the MyApp (Primary Table), select the Item Type field.
    2. In the Property Editor, add a selection by clicking Add on the Options tab.
    3. Change the selection's Value to Bug and set the Item ID Prefix to BUG.
    4. Add another selection with a value of Enhancement and set the Item ID Prefix to ENH.
  3. Add a custom field to track customer submitted issues:
    1. In the Field Types section of the Table Palette, drag a Binary/Trinary field onto the table editor.
    2. On the General tab of the Property Editor, change the name of the field to Customer Submitted.
    3. If it is not already done, on the Options tab of the Property Editor, type Yes for the First Value and No for the Second Value.
    4. On the Attributes tab of the Property Editor, select No as the Default Value.
  4. Continue to Step 4: Define Security.