Creating Additional Submit Transitions

Submit transitions serve as entry points into your process app.

You can define multiple Submit transitions, but only one transition can be set as the "default" transition. This default transition is used when users manually submit new items.

Additional Submit transitions can be used for submitting items using Post or Create Subtask transitions or through an automated process. This enables you to set different field properties, such as required fields, for items submitted through these methods.

You can also use additional Submit transitions for e-mail submissions. For setup steps, refer to the "Preparing Your System for E-mail Submission" section in the SBM Application Administrator Guide.

To create an additional Submit transition:

  1. In the Workflow editor, drag a Regular transition on to the Submit state.


  2. Release the mouse button, and then click the state where you want newly submitted items to reside.
  3. On the Options tab, clear the Default submit transition check box. (By default, the first transition from a Submit state has this option selected, and other transitions have this option cleared.)
  4. Review required fields for the transition and either remove the requirement or set default values for these fields.
  5. Deploy your process app.