About SBM Composer

SBM Composer is the visual design component of Solutions Business Manager (SBM). Use SBM Composer to design the structure of a process app, which can contain applications and orchestrations.

Applications and orchestrations contain workflows that coordinate the flow of information through business processes. Application workflows coordinate the work of people; orchestrations coordinate Web service-enabled systems. In SBM Composer, design tasks include:

After process apps are designed, they are deployed to a runtime environment, where the processes are run by two engines: the Application Engine runs applications workflows and the Orchestration Engine runs orchestration workflows.

SBM Composer provides two mechanisms to deploy a design to a runtime environment:

Once a process app is deployed, use the SBM Application Administrator to perform configuration tasks, such as creating projects that store process items, assigning users to roles, and creating notifications. Once configuration tasks are complete, the process app is ready for users.