About the Common Log Viewer

The Common Log Viewer displays a list of messages that tell you what went wrong if a process app encountered an error or if it did not work as expected during runtime. The Common Log Viewer also contains general diagnostic messages, such as notifications of when a Web service is invoked or when the SBM Orchestration Engine is sending a message.

The Common Log Viewer generates messages only for workflow elements, including the workflows themselves (design elements), not for other elements such as tables or references.

Using the various features in the Common Log Viewer, you can specify which messages you want to see based on their type (user and technical) and logging level and when and where they occurred. You can also sort the messages and export them to a file.

User messages generally consist of SOAP messages and significant runtime events. Technical messages contain information about routine runtime activity and process flow.

Note: For additional information about using the Common Log Viewer to troubleshoot orchestrations, refer to the SBM Orchestration Guide or the SBM Composer online help.