If your SBM user interface uses multiple languages, this function returns the specified string ID in the language specified by each user.

Function Signature

 string Ext.LoadString( stringId [, arg0-5 ] )


Parameter Type Description



Use this parameter to specify a record in the String Identifiers table. For example, Ext.LoadString( "IDS_REPORTS_MYREPORTS" ) returns the string associated with the My Reports text in the browser interface.

arg (up to 6)


Use up to six optional parameters, which can be a string identifier, in which case it will be loaded like stringId. Otherwise, the value will be treated as literal text, integer, double, etc.

These values will be used to format a string using the text loaded from stringId as the format, with entries like {0} that correspond to arg0 etc.


Type Description


Returns the translated string associated with the stringId.

Technical Details

SBM ModScript version: 11.3.


For example, if your system provides English and German, the Ext.LoadString( stringId ) function returns strings such as error messages in each user's specified language.

This function does not interact the SLS; therefore the strings that are available will be limited to the values in TS_STRINGIDENTIFIERS.

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