AppRecord Fields() Method

Returns a VarFieldList containing all fields for a VarRecord.

Function Signature

 VarFieldList Fields()


Parameter Type Description



Type Description


The list of fields from this AppRecord. If there is no FieldList for this record, this method returns null. Use is_var_null() to check for null.

Technical Details

SBM ModScript version: 11.3.


AppRecords from an Auxiliary or Primary table have a variable field list. That is, their fields can be defined using SBM Composer. The Fields() method returns a VarFieldList object containing all such fields. For AppRecords from tables without a variable field list, this method returns the global constant Nothing. See the VarFieldList object for details on manipulating field data.

Note: It is not recommended to use this method with VarRecords (objects based on primary/auxiliary tables). For non-VarRecords, use the AppRecord.GetFieldValue() and AppRecord.SetFieldValue() methods.

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