The Solutions Tab

The Solutions tab lists installed solution files that are available for importing into the repository, as well as those that have already been imported.

The Solutions tab contains the following information and options, depending on the solutions available to you and whether they have been imported or not.

  • Installed Solutions

    New solutions that have not been imported into the repository are listed at the top portion of the Solutions page. Click the Import icon to import the solution file and extract the solution's snapshots and process apps. A message appears, explaining which snapshots and process apps will be imported with the solution.

  • Imported Solutions

    This section lists solutions that have already been imported, along with the solution's name, version, and description. Click the Open Snapshots icon to open the Snapshots tab. From here, you can promote the solution's snapshots.

  • No Solutions Available

    If there are no solutions available to you, the Solutions tab is empty.