Deleting a Process App


To delete a process app, you must have the Delete Process App privilege, which is granted on the Privileges tab.

Note: If a process app contains an application or an orchestration, you also need the Delete Application/Orchestration privilege to delete the process app.

Deleting a process app removes it from the repository, so it can no longer be deployed to a runtime environment. It does not remove the process app from the SBM Application Engine server; you must undeploy it to do so. For instructions, see Undeploying a Process App.

To delete a process app from the repository:

  1. On the Process Apps tab, select the process app that you want to remove.
  2. Click the Delete icon.
  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Delete.
The process app is removed from the list on the Process Apps tab and from the repository. Any records of the process app, including its blueprint, all versions of its design elements, and all deployment settings are deleted. They will be restored with their entire version history if you publish or check in again. You have to purge the audit log to effect a permanent deletion.