Configuring Work Center Side Menu Categories

Use the Side Menu Categories tab to show or hide categories (dashboards, activities, calendars, backlogs, and Kanban boards) in the Work Center side menu globally. This enables Work Center to display only the categories that are relevant to your users.

When you configure this setting at the global level, it is automatically applied to the Work Center side menu for all users. You can manually override this default setting for individual users or groups. For example, if just a couple of groups use Kanban boards, you can configure Kanban boards to be displayed for those groups, while leaving that category hidden at the global level.

Users can modify these settings in Work Center if they are granted the Modify Side Menu Category Visibility system privilege.

Showing or Hiding a Default Set of Categories

To show or hide a default set of categories globally:

  1. From the Work Center Settings view, select the Side Menu Categories tab.
  2. Select an application or application group from the list. Or, select All to show or hide categories in the global context.
  3. Under Visible Categories, select or clear the check boxes to show or hide the corresponding categories.
  4. Click Save when you are finished.

To override these settings for individual users or groups, see Work Center Side Menu Categories.