Application Variables Page Settings

The Application Variables page lists the variables for the workflow assigned to the project you are editing.

By default, variables are listed alphabetically by name. You can sort the list by name, value, or description, or you can search for a variable. The value column also indicates whether the value is inherited from a parent project.
Important: Review and provide values for all application variables with an "undefined" value. Any rule referencing undefined values returns as false. This may cause unexpected results as users work with items.
For details, refer to:

Toolbar Options

  • Details

    Click to view and override settings for a selected application variable.

  • Refresh

    Click to refresh the page to its last saved state or to update the page after a deployment or promotion.

  • Show Workflow

    Click to open a graphical view of a workflow. When you are adding or editing a project, click this button to view the workflow assigned to the project.