Scheduling Imports

Click Schedule Import to open the Scheduler page and schedule your LDAP import or update. For example, if you want to ensure that SBM user data is synchronized with your LDAP user data, create a schedule that will automatically update your SBM users from LDAP on a recurring basis. You must enter valid LDAP search settings before you can schedule an import or update task.

Important: When you schedule an import or update for groups, note that all of the LDAP settings that you enter in SBM are saved except for the specific group selections that you make in the Find Group Candidates section. This means that a scheduled group import or update applies to every group that matches the Group Query filter; not the individual groups that you selected under the Import column. Therefore, when you create a scheduled group import or update, consider inserting a specific group name (like (&(objectclass=groupOfUniqueNames)(cn=MyLDAPGroup)) in the Group Query field) if you want to target a specific group.

Status messages for scheduled imports and updates appear in the Notification Server log file (click Open Log in the Notification Server tab in SBM Configurator to view the messages).