Configuring System Settings

Use the System Settings tab to configure global settings that impact Work Center users.

Work Center Theme Gallery

Select a default theme for Work Center. To enable users to override this setting in their user profile, leave the Use Selected Theme for all Users check box cleared. Otherwise, select the check box to hide this setting from users.

You can also add, import, and export custom Work Center themes. For details, refer to Configuring Custom Work Center Themes.

Social View Option

Use the check box to enable or disable the Social view for all projects in your system at one time.

For details on the Social view, refer to Social View Settings.

Security Settings

Configure the following security settings for Work Center:


Use the Link Type field to set a global, default shell value in notification item links. For example, if you want all users to view items from notifications in the Work Center interface, select SBM Work Center.

Note: You can override this setting by editing a notification and changing the Link Type value there. However, if you have overrides on specific notifications and you set a value (or confirm the same value) in the global Link Type field again, it is applied to all notifications, including those that were overridden. Therefore, use caution when applying the global link type.