System Analytics

In System Analytics, users with the remote administration privilege can monitor and analyze resource usage at the system level for SBM Tomcat or the Windows OS, and monitor each of the SBM components that are installed on the server. In addition, administrators can configure validation rules and view failure history for properties that exceed a configured threshold.

Key Benefits

Important: Before you can use System Analytics, you must use SBM Configurator to enable System Analytics on the SBM Common Services server. To access real-time monitoring capabilities for any additional servers, you must enable System Analytics in SBM Configurator on those servers as well.

Viewing Runtime Resources

In the Run-Time Resources tab, you monitor resource usage via one or more graphs. You can add multiple graphs and pin them as necessary to build a dashboard. For example, you can pin graphs for Tomcat CPU usage and Windows CPU usage to visually monitor the percentage of CPU consumption on the server while actions are performed by users at runtime.

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Working with Properties

In the Properties tab, you enable property monitoring, create rules, and view a summary of properties in a tabular view.

For example, you can monitor the record count for both the Common Log (CL_LOG) and Event Log (EL_EVENT) tables in the database and have the system notify you when the count grows beyond an acceptable range. This helps avoid potential issues related to performance and disk space.

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Viewing Failure History

In the Failure History tab, you can view the history of failures for properties that exceeded a configured threshold.

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