Working with E-mail Submission Templates

You can create and modify templates for e-mail submission confirmations and error messages. You can create text or HTML templates; a WYSIWYG editor is available for formatting HTML templates and quickly adding template tags to text and HTML templates.

Two templates are provided for confirming successful or failed e-mail submission of items.
  • Confirmation of successful e-mail submission (EmailSubmitSuccess.txt)
  • Notification of failed e-mail submission (EmailSubmitFailure.txt)

You can manage templates from the global Templates view (Global Mailbox View) or for a specific project. If you create a global template, you must assign the template to mailboxes for specific projects.

To add or edit e-mail templates for a specific project:

  1. Edit a project for which e-mail submission is enabled.
  2. Select the Mailboxes tab.
  3. Add or edit the mailbox used for e-mail submission for the project.
  4. Select the Use Confirmation Template or Use Error Template check box.
  5. Select an existing template from the list and click the pencil icon to edit it, or click the plus sign to add a template. The E-mail Template Editor opens.
  6. For new templates, provide a name for new template in the Template Name box.
  7. Enter text, e-mail template tags, and HTML formatting (if applicable) into the editor, or click Editor to open a WYSIWYG editor.
    Tip: Click the Template Tag icon to insert SBM-specific tags into the template. Click the Fields icon to insert fields into the template. The field's values will be returned in the e-mail notification.
  8. Save your changes.