Working with SLA Items

Administrators with the Manage SLA Items privilege can access the SLA Items Panel, which displays a list of items that are currently associated with an SLA. For each item, the list displays the item ID, title, owner, current risk level, associated SLA, item status, start date and estimated end date for when the item entered the start state and end state as defined in the SLA, actual date for when the item entered the end state, elapsed time since the item entered the start state, type of SLA, and SLA clause that applies to the item.

To open the SLA Items Panel:

  1. From the Work Center Settings view, select the SLA Items Panel tab.
  2. From the SLA Items Panel tab, you can do the following:
    • View details about items currently associated with an SLA
    • Filter items by selecting a project from the drop-down list
    • Remove SLAs from items:
      • Select the items and click Delete All Marked
      • Click Delete All Filtered to remove SLAs from all items currently displayed by the project filter