About the Scheduler

The Scheduler feature enables users with the Remote Administration privilege to schedule jobs to be performed on a specific date and time; on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis; or on an advanced recurring basis via a cron expression. The Scheduler works in conjunction with the Notification Server and requires it to be running to execute jobs. If the Notification Server is offline, any pending jobs will be processed when it is back online.

Use Scheduler when notifications or external schedulers like Windows Task Scheduler do not meet your requirements. For example, you can create notifications to perform actions on existing SBM data, but they are not well suited for importing new SBM records. As another example, using an external scheduler does not always scale well in an environment with multiple SBM servers behind a load balancer in which a job should only run once (and not once per server). Or you may have a more complicated scenario in which you need to do a certain sequence of activities in a certain order.

The Scheduler feature enables you to work around these limitations. You can schedule jobs for the actions below.