Overriding Transition Authentication Options

You can set transitions to require that users provide their login ID and password for specific transitions. The transition will fail if users do not provide the correct login ID and password or if they attempt to provide the login ID and password of another user.

This setting can be defined for the workflow in SBM Composer, but you can override it in Application Administrator for transitions in projects.

You can also associate a Date/Time field to this authentication method to record the time each user performed the transition. This record is stored in the transition section of each item’s Change History section. Consider the following information when selecting a Date/Time field for transition authentication:

The authentication methods used by your system impact how transition authentication options are applied. Your administrator can provide information about system authentication methods, but you should consider the following information when setting authentication options for transitions:

To override transition authentication options:

  1. From the Projects view, click a project name.
  2. Select the States/Transitions tab.
  3. Click a transition name.
  4. In the Authentication area, select the Override check box.
  5. Select the Required check box to require users to authenticate for this transition; clear the check box to remove this requirement.
  6. From the Date/Time Field to Update list, select the field that will be used to record the authentication in the Change History section.
    Note: You are not required to select a Date/Time field for transition authentication, but the action is not recorded in the Change History section unless you do so.
  7. Save your changes.