Using the Accessible Interface

The Accessible interface condenses Work Center features into a format that is appropriate for users who rely on assistive technologies. To achieve accessibility, the interface provides a text-rich, vertical format that eliminates elements such as frames, style sheets, folders, and icons. Users can easily switch between the full Work Center interface and the Accessible interface by setting the Use Accessible Interface preference in their user profile.

The Accessible interface is also used to provide real-time access to SBM to users with mobile devices. These users must have a compatible HTML browser installed on their mobile device and a connection to the SBM server.

Work Center vs. the Accessible Interface

Expect these differences between Work Center and the Accessible interface:

Tips for Using the Accessible Interface on Mobile Devices

Large item lists and complex field configurations can slow mobile performance and, depending on the mobile browser used, can generate errors.

Use the following tips in the full Work Center interface to improve your performance:

  • Modify your user profile settings to limit the number of items displayed on pages to 50 items or less.

  • Modify your user profile settings to display only the field sections you need to view.

  • Create reports that filter item lists and display columns that you need to access from your mobile device, and then search for those reports when you need specific information.

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