Using the SBM System Administrator Database Wizard

The Database Wizard provides core elements for the Application Engine database and enables you to create a primary administrator account. After you create a database, this user can log in to SBM Application Administrator and perform administrative tasks for your system.

To run the Database Wizard:

  1. Launch SBM System Administrator.
    Tip: For new installations, a warning message about the DSN that is used by SBM System Administrator appears. This is normal. Click OK to proceed, and then click Cancel on the Connect dialog box.
  2. Select Tools from the SBM System Administrator menu bar, and then select Create New Database. You can also click the Create New Database icon on the SBM System Administrator toolbar.
    Note:   The Create New Database option is available only when you are using an ODBC connection.
  3. A message appears that states that the target database will be overwritten. For new databases, this message can be safely ignored because there is no data to overwrite. Click Yes to continue.
  4. The Welcome dialog box opens and the wizard begins to guide you through the process of creating a new database. Click Next to continue. The Select the Destination Database dialog box opens.