General Settings

You must enter LDAP server connection settings and search parameters in SBM Configurator to authenticate SBM users via LDAP. Once you have configured LDAP authentication settings, use the LDAP Setup & Tools options in SBM System Administrator to set up the LDAP Auto Add User feature and import or update users from LDAP.

Tip: You can take advantage of scheduling capabilities in SBM Application Administrator to perform imports and updates from LDAP instead of using SBM System Administrator to manually import and update users from LDAP. For more information, refer to the "Administrative Utilities" chapter in the SBM Application Administrator Guide.

The server connection settings and search parameters that you enter in SBM Configurator are displayed in SBM System Administrator for informational purposes.

Important: In order to import and update resource attributes for SBM users from LDAP using SBM System Administrator (or via Auto Add), you must provide the login ID of an SBM user in the SBM user for resource attribute field on the General tab. This account is used to obtain a security token and make the required Web service call that updates the mapped resource attributes in SBM.

Once you have configured LDAP settings in SBM Configurator, you can begin configuring Auto Add User settings. This feature automatically adds new SBM users once they have been authenticated in LDAP. For details, see Automatically Adding Users from LDAP.