Removing Attachments From the Database

You can remove file attachments that are stored in the database by moving them to the file system. This option is useful if you temporarily moved attachments into the database to import them into another SBM database or copied a database using the Copy Database Wizard. Files that are moved to the file system are deleted from the database.

Important: If you change the attachments location from the database to the file system, you must update the path and user credentials on the Common Services tab in SBM Configurator on the server that hosts the SBM Common Services component. This enables SBM Common Services to access return attachments in Work Center search results.

To remove file attachments from the database:

  1. Back up your SBM database.
  2. From the Options menu, select Settings or click the Settings icon on the toolbar.
  3. Select the Attachments tab.
  4. Select the Store File Attachments on the File System option.
  5. You are warned that files in the database will be moved to the file system, and will be deleted from the database. Click Yes to continue.
  6. Click OK.