External Database Properties Dialog Box

The External Database Properties dialog box enables you to specify settings for external SBM databases to which users will post primary items using the External Post transition type.

The following table describes the options on the External Database Properties dialog box.

Option Description
Database Name Provide a name for the external database to which users will post SBM items. The database name is solely for identification purposes and not need to match ODBC names or actual database names. However, if you post items to multiple databases, you must provide unique names
E-mail Address for Outgoing Post Requests Provide the e-mail address to which outgoing post item requests will be delivered. This e-mail address should come from the organization hosting the external database. The organization must have a mailbox configured to accept post item requests
Incoming Request Mailbox Select the mailbox to which incoming requests from the external database will be delivered. This mailbox handles incoming confirmation messages for items posted to the external database. Select the mailbox even if you do not want to receive confirmation on posted items. This enables the mail server to correctly send out post requests. If a mailbox is not available in the list, add a new mailbox to an existing project in Application Administrator and then try again.