Configuring Advanced Options for Tables

The Edit Table – Advanced tab enables you to specify record locking and data import options for primary and auxiliary tables, and to enable caching for auxiliary tables.

To set options on the Advanced tab as they apply:

  1. In SBM System Administrator, select the Tables tab.
  2. Select a primary or auxiliary table, and then click Edit.
  3. Select the Advanced tab.
  4. In the Record Locking area, select the Activate check box. For details about this settings, refer to About Record Locks.
  5. From the Time-out In option, set the amount of time in minutes that you want records in the table to be locked. The default time is 30 minutes.
  6. Select the Allow Import Into check box to control the importing of data from other sources to the table using the Import Data Wizard in SBM System Administrator and the Import Data utility in SBM Application Administrator. This option is set by default. When you run the Import Data Wizard, the table appears in the Write Data TO which Table? drop-down list in the Import Information dialog box and you can import into it. Clear this check box to prevent data from being imported into a table.
  7. If you are configuring an auxiliary table, select the Enable Caching check box to instruct the Web server to maintain a copy of the table in the computer's memory for rapid access. Some auxiliary tables, such as Contacts and Companies, can become quite large, and as a result, caching will slow start up of the Web server and consume more memory resources. The best approach is to enable caching only for tables with a low to moderate number of records.
  8. Click OK.