Configuration Synchronization

The following options are available on the Configuration Synchronization sub-tab.

Enabling Configuration Synchronization

Select Enable configuration synchronization to ensure that each server in your SBM installation is automatically updated when you change configuration settings on one of your SBM servers. This eases administrative duties and keeps configuration settings across your entire SBM installation in sync.

If you select Enable configuration synchronization, the Revision History button appears. This enables you to view and manage prior configurations that have been applied. Each entry provides a complete summary of your installation because it pulls data from the Configuration Settings database (not just the settings from your local machine).

Using Configuration Snapshots

If you decide not to synchronize your configuration, you must use configuration snapshots to update the connection information and security settings on each SBM Configurator server.

This means you will use the Export Configuration and Import Configuration buttons to export your configuration to a local file, which you can manually import into SBM Configurator on another server to update it with settings from the server where the export was performed.