Static Diagnostics

In the Static Diagnostics tab, you can run a variety of diagnostic tests to help you troubleshoot problems with your SBM installation and configuration. You can run static diagnostic tests from a list of predefined categories and view the exact area that is not configured properly, not accessible, or not functioning as intended. You can also run the static diagnostics tests if you are not able to access certain components or features in SBM.

For example, if your users are not receiving notification messages, you can perform a series of diagnostic tests against the Mail Servers to see if the SMTP server is accessible or determine if the Notification Server can access the database. If a problem is encountered, the tests that do not pass show a Failed status. You can click the drop-down arrow for details on any test (whether the result is Success, Warning, or Failed).

To execute a static diagnostic test:

  1. From the Utilities menu, click the Diagnostics tab, and then click the Static Diagnostics sub-tab.
  2. Click the Category drop-down list, select one or more categories to test, and then click OK. You can optionally type the name of a component or category that you want to test in the Search field.
  3. Click the Status drop-down list, and then select one or more status messages to return. For example, to skip success messages, clear the Success option and click OK.
  4. After you select one or more categories and choose status options, the available tests appear in the main window. Click Select All to choose all tests or Select None to clear selections. Use one of the following options to execute a test:
    • Run All Tests

      Selects and execute all tests that appear in the main window. Click Run All Tests again after you have addressed a problem to see if the same messages appear again.

    • Run Selected Tests

      Executes only certain tests that you have selected in the main window.

    • Clear Results

      Clears the Run Summary and results of the tests that you performed.

    • Export Results

      Displays the test results in a report format (similar to the Configuration Report) that you can save to your local file system. Use the Word wrap option to make longer report details easier to read. You can send attach this report to a Support case to provide specific details about a problem in SBM. Click Back to return to the test.

Use the arrows to page through large result sets or jump directly to page by entering the page number. You can also configure the number of Items per page (from 20 to 40).