Proxy Server

On the Proxy Server tab, you configure advanced proxy server settings for systems that run in tight security networks that need to control outbound traffic or in other situations that call for controlling traffic (inbound or outbound).

You might use a proxy server in your environment if you need to control Tomcat access to outside URLs. For example, when SBM Orchestration Engine makes Web service calls to outside URLs as part of an orchestration workflow, the SBM Orchestration Engine connects to the outside URL via the proxy server that you specify.

Provide the following information for HTTP/HTTPS proxy connections:

Field Description
Host Enter the proxy server's host name.
Port Enter the port number for the proxy server.
User name Enter a user account name that has access to connect to your proxy server.
Password Enter the user's password.

In the Non-proxy hosts section, you can skip proxy connections for servers that host the SBM components and or other hosts as needed. Note the following:

Note: If you use an HTTPS connection to a proxy server with SBM, you must enable HTTPS tunneling in your proxy server's configuration settings. Refer to your proxy server's documentation for assistance with enabling HTTPS tunneling.