Typographical Conventions

The following typographical conventions are used in the online manuals and online help. These typographical conventions are used to assist you when using the documentation; they are not meant to contradict or change any standard use of typographical conventions in the various product components or the host operating system .

Table 1.




Introduces new terms that you may not be familiar with and occasionally indicates emphasis.


Emphasizes important information and field names.


Indicates keys or key combinations that you can use. For example, press the ENTER key.


Indicates syntax examples, values that you specify, or results that you receive.

monospaced italics

Indicates names that are placeholders for values you specify; for example, filename.

monospace bold

Indicates the results of an executed command.

vertical rule |

Separates menus and their associated commands. For example, select File | Copy means to select Copy from the File menu.

Also, indicates mutually exclusive choices in a command syntax line.