The NoteAttachmentContents type holds the actual contents of a note. The NoteAttachmentContents type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
time integer The time at which the note was created.
title string The title of the note.
body string Holds the contents of the body of the note.
accessType Attachment-Access-Type Shows the access type for the note. The value is either DEFAULT, RESTRICTED, or UNRESTRICTED.
extendedData ExtendedData Placeholder for future arguments.


NoteAttachmentContents is used to describe a note that is attached to an item. You use NoteAttachmentsContents in the CreateNoteAttachment call to add a note to an existing item. For more information, see CreateNoteAttachment.


The following XML snippet shows NoteAttachmentContents in the <urn:noteContents> argument of a CreateNoteAttachment call.

    <urn:title>Note Title</urn:title>
    <urn:body>This is a note.</urn:body>