Binding to REST Widget Data

In the REST Grid widget, users can access the data in the grid to populate controls such as edit boxes. Users select the row in the grid whose data they want to put in the control.
Note: If the form is a primary table form (for example, in a workflow), then only primary table data can be accessed. If the form is for an auxiliary table, then only auxiliary table data can be accessed.

To bind to widget data:

  1. Drag a widget from the Form Palette to the form and configure it.
  2. Drag a control such as an edit box from the Form Palette to the form and give it a label. For example, if you are going to populate the edit box with addresses from the REST Grid widget, give the label the name Addresses.
  3. Enlarge the widget so that it consumes the whole form. To do so, perform the following steps:
    1. Select the form. Sizing indicators are displayed for each column and row.
    2. Click the sizing indicator for the column containing the widget until it changes to %. Repeat this step for the row.
    3. Select the widget and click the Autofill Vertically icon in the Alignment area.
  4. In the Property Editor for the widget, on the Results tab, select Enable row selection, if it is not already selected.
    Note: If you clear this check box, the Grid columns table contains an additional Action on click column. This option is not available if you are binding to widget data, because when you bind to widget data, there are other links, and it would be unclear what you are clicking.
  5. Still in the Property Editor, on the Results tab, move fields you want to bind from the Available data table to the Grid columns table.
  6. Select the control on the form.
  7. In the Property Editor, click the Refresh tab.
  8. In the Contents field, use the string builder tool to enter the grid data you want users to select to populate this edit box.
Users can now select a row of data, and the control is populated with that data.

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