System Fields for All Auxiliary Tables

System fields for auxiliary tables help ensure that correct data is gathered for items that may support a workflow process. System fields also provide greater reporting and searching benefits than custom fields. For example, only system fields are available on Multi-Table reports, which let users search for information across applications and auxiliary tables.

At a minimum, auxiliary tables must contain the Title system field. This field, which is automatically added to all auxiliary tables, typically serves as the value display format setting for the table, but you can use a different field for this setting as needed.

Auxiliary table fields are created in SBM Composer. You can configure specific field settings for auxiliary tables in SBM System Administrator, however.

The following table lists the optional system fields available for auxiliary tables.

Field Name Description
Active/Inactive The Active/Inactive Binary/Trinary field for auxiliary items indicates the status of the item and lets users enable and disable items in auxiliary tables. You can change the active and inactive labels for this field, but it always appears on forms as a drop-down list.

You can use the Active/Inactive field in auxiliary tables to limit the selections available in Relational field types without deleting items in auxiliary tables. For example, you can add the Active/Inactive field to a Companies table, letting users disable companies that are no longer needed without deleting the data associated with those companies. The inactive companies are not available as new values for the Company field, but they are available as selections made when they were active. In addition, users can still access them in reports and searches.

Description A Text/Memo field that is set to allow keyword searching.
Item ID An auto-populated Text field that numbers auxiliary items based on the order in which items are added to the table. The Item ID is used to identify and locate items.
Last Modified Date An auto-populated Date/Time field that indicates the date and time an auxiliary item was last updated. This information is used for auditing and establishing change history for items.
Last Modifier An auto-populated User field that records which user last changed an auxiliary item. The value of the Last Modifier field changes as items are updated. All users who can update items into the system are available as values for this field, but you can control who updates auxiliary items through privileges.
Submit Date An auto-populated Date/Time field that records the date and time auxiliary items were submitted.
Submitter An auto-populated User field indicating the user who submitted an auxiliary item. All users who can submit items into the system are available as values for this field, but you can control who submits items through privileges.
Title A Text field that serves as the system title field and the default for the value display format for this table. By default, a Title field is automatically added to custom auxiliary tables. This field cannot be deleted.