Saving a Process App

You can save a process app to the Local Cache to preserve your work without checking the process app into the repository.

The Local Cache contains only the design elements that were downloaded from the repository. If you know you will work on the process app while disconnected from the repository, click the Connected indicator (in the bottom right corner of the SBM Composer window) and enable the Work Offline option on the menu that opens. You are prompted to download any design elements not already saved to the Local Cache.

Note: Unlike the Export command, the Save command does not create a file that you can import into SBM Composer or load into Application Repository.

To save an open process app:

On the Composer menu, click Save (or right-click the process app name in App Explorer, and select Save). You can also press Alt and then S, or press Ctrl+S to save the open process app.

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