Previewing Forms

You can preview state, transition, and print forms before you deploy them. You can:

To preview a form, do one of the following:

The form opens in the Form Preview Dialog Box.

Using Preview Mode to Test Your Workflow

In preview mode, you can navigate through the state and transition forms in your workflow so you can experience the user flow without having to deploy the process app and test it in a runtime environment.

To test your workflow:

  1. In the Workflow editor, right-click a state near the beginning of your process, and then select Preview State Form.
  2. Click a transition control on the form. The form associated with the transition opens.
    Note: By default, transition controls are buttons that are automatically placed at the top of the form. You can replace these buttons with transition controls (buttons, hyperlinks, or images) that can be placed anywhere on the form. For more information, see Behavior Tab of the Control Property Editor.
  3. Click OK to mimic the transition completion or click Cancel to return to the state form.
  4. Continue to click transition controls on forms as you navigate through the workflow.
    Note: This feature is not available when you select a form in App Explorer and then click Browser in the Preview area of the Design tab. It is only available from the workflow, as described in this procedure.