Step 5: Validate the Process App


You completed the steps in Step 4: Create an Asynchronous Orchestration Workflow.

SBM Composer validates a process app before publishing it, but you can also validate a process app at any time by performing steps 1 and 2 in the following exercise.

Tip: While you are creating orchestration workflows, you should validate often to catch potential problems before you attempt to publish and deploy a process app.

To validate a process app:

  1. On the Deployment tab of the Ribbon, click the Validate button.

    If the process app is ready to be published, the Validation Results advises you that the validation succeeded.

  2. To see what a validation error looks like:
    1. In App Explorer, under the MyOrch heading, under Orchestration Workflows, select any of the orchestration workflows.
    2. In the New Items section of the Step Palette, drag a Calculate step onto the orchestration workflow editor, and drop it anywhere on the line between the Start and End steps.
    3. Click Validate again.

      Details about the errors, warnings, and messages appear in the Validation Results. If the Validation Results is not available, on the Home tab of the Ribbon, in the Common Views area, select the Validation Results check box. If this check box is already selected and the details are still not visible, select the Validation Results tab in the area under the editor pane.

      Note: For more information about the Validation Results, see the SBM Composer Guide. For information about validation errors, see Troubleshooting Orchestrations Using the Validation Results.
  3. To return the orchestration workflow to its valid condition, delete the Calculate step that you just added.
  4. On the Deployment tab of the Ribbon, click the Validate button again.

    The Validation Results should show that the validation succeeded.

  5. Continue to Step 6: Publish the Process App.