Global Process App and Global Application

The SBM On-Demand Global Process App is a special app that contains the Contacts system auxiliary table, which stores contact records for users. A contact record enables you to define custom user attributes in addition to what is available on the user or resource record. A single contact record is associated with a single user record in the system.

To access the Global Application, you first "get" the Global Process App in into the repository (as described in the Application Repository documentation. Then, you can create a reference to the Global Application in an existing process app. (See About References for details.) You can also check out the Global Process App, modify its contents, check it in, and publish and deploy it like any other process app.

Important: The Global Process App does not have to be deployed unless you modify it.

In SBM Composer, you can add to the Global Application any other auxiliary tables (and their supporting design elements: table forms, images, JavaScripts, and styles) that you want to make available for use in multiple applications.

You can also create roles and assign role privileges for auxiliary tables that are defined in the Global Process App. The role privileges are granted to users and groups that you assign to the roles on the base project in Application Administrator.

Tip: To populate User and Multi-User fields that you add to auxiliary tables in the Global Process App, edit the user field in SBM Composer, associate one or more roles, deploy the process app, and then assign users and groups to those roles in Application Administrator using the following steps:
  1. In Application Administrator, select Projects.
  2. In the Projects tree, select All Projects.
  3. Select the base project, and then click Details.
  4. Open the Roles view, select a role, and then click User Assignment or Group Assignment to assign users.
The assigned users will now appear as selections in the user fields that you added to the auxiliary table.

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